Friday, October 30, 2009

Miss Wanda's Alligator Marina

We left Elizabeth City dock around 7:50am this morning. It was a beautiful sunny day motor sailing the sound. The coast guard were stopping boats to check, Chuck and Kathy were boarded, and another boat. We had all our paper work ready and they went passed us. We arrive at Alligator River at 12:30pm, but Sheet Music made it here at 1:30pm. Kathy and I started a load of wash, and I took a hot shower. The guys decided to have the Miss Wanda's special tonight for dinner, pork chops, choice of sides, greens, coleslaw, green beans, onion rings, potatoes. Good, we didn't have to cook. Sailor and Jazzy had fun running around the big field here. We have a longer day tomorrow to Belhaven, NC.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Elizabeth City, NC

We left the free dock at 7am. and arrived at the 1st. lock at 7:40am. First opening was at 8:30am. Nine boats waited in line....Trollers--Sanctuary, Win Some, and Moon Beam. Sailboats--Bum's Rest, Sheet Music, Blue Blazes, Lions Paws, and Liberty. Catamaran--Double exposure. Still there was room for a few more. The gates close and the water raises. Takes about a hour for the whole process. Robert the lock master, blows a tune on his conch shell horn. A few other boaters also honk their conch horns, Bum's Rest included. As soon as we are all on are way, Robert the lock master, drives down the road to open the bridge for us all. We wave good-bye and say,see you in the spring 2010.
At 1:30pm. we are all waiting for a bridge to open. Then to the 2nd. lock. This time the water lowers. Then we are all on are way again. The Dismal Swamp's water looks like black tea and is very beautiful with all the fall colors on the trees. It was a peaceful day. When we came up to Elizabeth City, we had to wait for the 5:30pm bridge, a 45 minute wait. Right after the bridge is the free dock. A nice couple, Lou & Lina that live here and we just met, took Kathy and I to the grocery store. That was so sweet of them. Thanks.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Deltaville, Va to the Dismal Swamp

We left this morning at 7:15am. Didn't think we were, because, at 5:45am it was raining pretty good. Wayne rolled out of bed and about 10 minutes later the rain stopped. So we decided to give it a go ahead. It was overcast for hours and a little misty, but very calm. Of course, I was ready for the weather today with the ginger pills and gum. Had the sandwiches made for lunch so I didn't have to go below. Wouldn't you know it turns out to be a great sunny beautiful day. I'm not going to complain. We stopped for fuel in Norfolk. Seen lots of US Navy ships, helicopters, airplanes. We arrived here at a free dock near the Hwy. 64 bridge. We are a few miles from the Dismal Swamp.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bum's Rest finally met up with our friends on "Sheet Music," in Solomons Island.

Annapolis Bay Bridge
Salem Nuclear Plant in Delaware Bay

C & D Canal, Chesapeake City, Md.

C & D Canal Sunrise

Lots of big ships pass us every day!

Posing with Sailor at Waterman's Crab House in Rock Hall, Md.
Cape May Ferry - Day two

Cape May Sunrise
Leaving Atlantic City...keeping warm with Sailor

Sailor loves to be under the blanket!

Atlantic City Skyline

Reedsville, VA to Deltaville,Va

We left this morning at 9:15am. It was cloudy, cold and misty. We made this a short day. Arrived in Deltaville, Va. approx. 1pm. The guys are maping out tomorrows journey. It will be a longer day. We want to get to Norfolk, Va. After that I think it's the Dismal Swamp.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Solomons to Imgram Bay, Reedsville, VA

We started out at 9:30am. this morning leaving Solomons Island, Md. It was so nice having our friends Chuck & Kathy on Sheet Music sailing along with us. It was cool but not freezing, I think it was a little ruff. Good thing I had ginger gum. Anyway, we made it to Imgram Bay Deltaville VA. about 4pm. Sailor couldn't wait to get off the boat to see Jazzy . It was my turn to cook dinner tonight, pork chops, red potatoes, cauliflower, salad, it was yummy. Kathys turn tomorrow night.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Met with Chuck & Kathy in Solomons

Hello Everyone.... Finally met up with Chuck and Kathy today at Solomons Island. We had left Annapolis Md about 7am and arrived here approx. 2pm. It was a nice ride, a little cool. Once I figure out how to put pics on I'll post from when we left Viking. Kathy is helping me set this up and it's hard cause we have been drinking wine..HEHE!! She's cooking tonight, I'm just making salad, bring some strawberries.