Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Key West

This pelican is setting next to the boat.
Around Noon, Wayne, Sailor and I walked up to Duval St. I wanted to go to the Coach outlet and the Bath & Body Works.
This is one of the many mansions we passed walking in town.
While I was checking out the stores, Sailor & Wayne were having a beer at Willie T's. When we went to the The Bull, Elvis was in the building.

He was actually pretty good.

Well, it's not the greatest picture. It is what it is. Think I have to practice keeping my right eye open. I do it all the time.

Ah Dad....I got Boobs!!!!
We stopped in Hogs Breath for a beer, too.

Later on we caught up with Chuck & Kathy at Sloppy Joe's to have a bite to eat. We wanted to see the Wayne and Pete's show. They are a real funny group. Afterwards, we walked awhile on Duval St. and checked out the sights.

This slipper gets to drop tomorrow night. The bar below had some stuff going on that I couldn't post. But, it was putting a :) on Kathy and my faces.
Next time I post it will be 2010!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Key West

Jeez....Wayne woke me up at 8am. By 9am I had two loads of laundry going.Wayne is washing the boat, it's full of salt. The pump out is being done also. Kathy and I took Jazzy for a long walk around the town. We picked up some new tops and a lot of window shopping. We came back to have a quick bite to eat and Wayne, Chuck and Sailor were out walking. So, we put Jazzy in the crate and took off again to Duval St. to find the guys.

This is neat looking.

We were watching this guy do his act in Mallory Square. There are different acts going on as you walk around the square. A large cruise ship was docked right here and different shops all along the walk way.

We caught up with Kathy & Chuck here at Sloppy Joe's. We sat at a table listening to these Old Geezers Band.

Looks who's having fun!!!!  Including Sailor.

I caught you two having fun.

Guess what? I didn't have to cook tonight :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Blew into Key West

We left Sugerload Key about 12noon. We sailed all the way to Key West. Boy was the wind blowing. Over 20 knots of wind. The guys decided to go to the Key West Bight Marina. We had reservations for 5 days booked . Our slips were open, so we picked up another day. The winds were blowing so hard and it was just fun getting into the slip.

Two cruise ships docked. We pasted them coming in and around to the marina.
After we all got ourslevles settled in, Kathy cooked dinner. Panko grouper & shrimp, salad, baked potatoe, zucchini and jello with cream. Wayne, Chuck and I took a walk around the wharf and we had ice cream. Early night, I'm tired.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Leaving Newfound Harbor Anchorage

.Wayne took Sailor for a walkie, then we put the engine up and secured the dinghy. We left Newfound Harbor approx 10:15am.

I was looking for flipper going out of Newfound Harbor and Sailor decided to be a look out also. We didn't see any. We decided last night we were going to Looe Key, Mile Marker # 1215 and do some snorkeling. As we were pretty close to Looe Key, Wayne saw a pod of dolphins.  I could see they were coming up to the bow. I hurried to the bow and Sailor followed me. It was so ruff I counldn't take my camera (I wish I could of) and hold onto Sailor and hold on myself. I just watched 4 of them swimming across the bow, only 3 feet from me. Sailor peeked over the side and saw them and barked. They stayed with us for a few minutes.  One of these times I''m going to get a picture.

This is Sheet Music rocking and rolling. Chuck is hooking to the mooring ball. Believe me, Bum's Rest was rocking and rolling, also. This is Looe Key reef approx 3.8 miles in the ocean.

What kind of species is this??? Oh, it's Chuck and Kathy!!!!! Look at this water, it's turquoise. Wayne rowed out in the dinghy with them in the water so they could go into the shallow water. It was a distance from the boat and this way if they got tired the dinghy was right there. After they were done we got to sail for awhile. It was about a 10 mile run to our anchorge.

Kathy took this picture of Bum's Rest here at Surgerloaf Key, Mile Marker approx #1225. We are anchored in 4ft. of water on the oceanside. You look out and all you see is water and sky.

Sunset in Sugerloaf Key with Sheet Music. My turn to cook tonight. Spaghetti and meatballs, salad, bread, chocolate pudding with cream.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Off we go""

Up early to put engine back on sailboat and secure dinghy on back of boat. Of course, we made our coffee. Throw the lines off the mooring ball and headed for Burdines to fuel up and take Sailor for a walk. Waved goodbye to the guys at Burdines and now we are sailing towards Key West.  Sheet Music is right behind us.  It's approx 9:30am. It's so nice to be sailing again. Wayne called Chuck and they decided to stop at Bahia Honda. As we were coming up to Bahia Honda, 2 dolphins came up to the bow of the sailboat and swam along for a few seconds. Sailor and I were watching them from the bow. This is so cool. So anyway, here are some pictures of the railroad bridge and the harbor. We spent about 2 hours there.

coming up to the old railroad bridge from ocean side, new bridge across on bayside

Thats Sheet Music coming through bridge

In the harbor, Bum's Rest on left wall, across is Sheet Music on right wall

This is where the cut is in the bridge and where we came through with the sailboats

The railroad track on the bottom and then they built a road on top which was used till 1972. Then the new bridge was built across from here on the bay side.

We arrived at Newfound Harbor approx 4pm Mile Marker # 1215. We anchored near a little beach to take Sailor to shore. When we were settled we both were relaxing and reading. Sailor is always in my lap.

Sunset  on Sheet Music. Kathy is cooking tonight. Tacos and coffee with Christmas cookies.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas to all family and friends. We hope everyone got what they wanted from Santa. First, we heard from WayneO, then Michelle and I called Lori. Will Skype the girls later on. We all went to the Christmas dinner here at the city dock. Compiliments of the Head Dockmaster & his wife.They made 140 pounds of turkey, potatoes, stuffing and gravey, and much more.  Everyone made a side dish. I made carrot salad. There were approx 200 + people there from the harbor. A few people we recognised from traveling the ICW.

The guy with the gray hair on left is the dockmaster. This is the hall they use for the curisers. TV's in the back, books line the selves to swap, and computer hook ups. New bathrooms, showers and laundry. New dinghy docks. They have done alot here.

The harbor side of the building.

Looking out to the harbor with new dinghy docks.

Good to see a friend, Charmaine, we met 3 years ago here in Boot Key Harbor.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve in Marathon

First thing we did was dump fresh water in the boat holding tank. Then Wayne dinghied back over to fill the 2 big water jugs to put back on top. This morning, Chuck and Kathy took his sister, Doreen, back over to the marina so she could drive home.

Early afternoon, Chuck dinghied me over to met up with Kathy. She was finishing up her laundry. We walked up to the publix and many, many other stores. Mostly to get some excerise and get out of the boat for a while. I quess we were gone for 3 hours. My turn to  cook tonight. I had whipped up some homemade lazagna, bread, salad. Kathy had brought over angel food cake and berries.  I made coffee and Kathy says, you put salt in it? What? It was horrible. So, I said it must be the marina water that we filled the little jugs with for coffee. We are all thinking, we have to dump all our water out!!!! What about coffee in the morning!!!!   Then Wayne says, did you pour the water  from the jug that had baking soda soaking mixed in it?  (Light bulb went on) Yep, I did. Well, they laughed at me for that one. During dinner we watched the movie, Christmas Vacation. Kathy and Chuck watch it every Christmas Eve. We couldn't deny them.
Chuck watching" Christmas Vacation" on Bum's Rest,

Of course, Sailor & Jazzy are in the Christmas mode.

Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

High of 74 and sunny in Boot Key Harbor, Marathon

Wayne dinghied me over so I could take a real shower and wash my hair today. "AH" that felt good. Today was a little warmer, but, still to windy to take a sail.  Wayne changed  the spark plug in the little dinghy engiene, that's running better. He was also reading up on where we can anchor out and doggie friendly, on our way down to Key West on Saturday.

This is Chuck bringing his sister, Doreen, over to the boat. She lives here in Florida an came for 1 night.

Well, look who's full of ..........!!!!!(HEHE!!) Anyway, we were next to get pumped out too. This is included in the mooring ball fee. They come around once a week and you don't have to be here when they pump out.

Coming back from a walkie.

The past two nights, when the sun is setting, conch horn shells have been playing in the harbor. So, tonight Wayne decided to get his out and show off his talents. This shell is from friends, Gary & Kathy on Windkist. We met them 3 year ago in the Bahamas. Gary couldn't blow it, but Wayne could. So, Gary gave it to him. It's a beautful conch shell from the Bahamas. One of the prettest one I ever have ever seen.

Sunset tonight in Boot Key Harbor
Tonight, Chuck, kathy and his sister, Doreen, went out to eat. We stayed here and had leftover stew and salad. Just enough for the two of us.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunny today, high of 70 in Boot Key Harbor, Marathon

Wayne was up and out this morning to take a shower and back before Salior and I were up. When he came back from taking Sailor for a walk, I cooked him eggs and bacon. Since it was a nice day, we decided to walk back to West Marine to return a few things. It felt good getting some excerise, and it was cooler walking this time. On the way back we went to Keys Fisheries for lunch. We were allowed to have Sailor on the porch. We both had blacken grouper sandwiches.They were really yummy.

This is a few blocks to walk from the marina. Around the side and back you can sit on picnic tables. You order at a window and they call on a loud speaker to come pick it up.

These are the original dinghy docks at Ctiy Marina along side of the office.
These are the new dinghy docks in front of the office at City Marina. We have been docking here.

Well, this is what the Christmas decorations look like from the dinghy. Next time I have to find something that will show up more from a distance. Oh Well, the best I could find.

Well, I can't top this. Chuck did such a great job making Sheet Music look like Christmas. I'm lucky to have one string of santa lights in my cabin. I can only put them on when the Ginny is on. But, I'm not going to complain, because, I'm here in the warmer weather instead of the snow.
Kathy's turn to cook tonight. Walnut chicken on rice, bread and, baked apples, rasins, cinnamon.brown surgar with cream. Yummy!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Brrrrrrrr....High of 67 with 15 knots of wind

Lazy morning drinking coffee and my nose in a good book. Wayne has taken Sailor to shore and he's back under the blanket. Wayne is fixing my lighthouse lamp. Somehow it broke during the travels. On the mooring ball we can only use it running the ginny. When we skype the kids on the computer, the LED lights can't be picked up by the camera. The kids can't see us. A regular light will be fine.

Just finished putting the decorations of the bow of the boat. I have to take one from the dinghy, too.

Q6 is or mooring ball we're attached to. Well , if the sun was out it would be a better picture.

My turn to cook tonight. I made homemade stew, bread, salad and chocolate pudding with cream.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another cool day in Marathon

Not much going on here today. In early afternoon we dinghied in and walked to the Home Depot. Then we walked to the Post Office and publix for more groceries. Wayne went to the CVS. I wanted to get the stuff I need to make the side dish for the Christmas dinner. Carrot salad. I'll make it Thursday.

I started decorating the outside of the boat today. Wayne had to glue the balls together. They were from the dollar store and would fall apart in the wind. I'll take a picturs tomorrow and post.

Kathy cooked tonight. Ravioli, her homemade meatballs, salad, and cookies sent to her from her mom. Everyone things was so good.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cool front came thru 72 degrees and snowing in NJ

Wayne0 sent us pictures of the snow this morning. Also, it's cooler here 72. I think we like it here better. Michelle and I skyped and I got to hear and see Matthew read his letter to me from Santa. How cute is that. He is getting so big.

This is Chuck, Kathy and Jazzy leaving the boat this morning. It is so ruff that you get wet. Kathy is covered with the dinghy cover. I wanted to crop ths picture, but I haven't figured it out yet.

Well, we are in the dinghy going in Sisters Creek to a park on ocean side.

This is where we landed.

Ocean side, such a pretty place.

After we walked on the beach and played with Sailor, we dinghied to Dockside Bar & Grill for a late lunch. Doesn't Sailor look comfy? Pooped out. Well, when the food came he was wide a wake.

I get sit in a chair with a sweatshirt on my head......How about sharing some of that lunch???