Sunday, April 17, 2011

Farewell Breakfast given by Etreme RV an Tall Pines Harbor Campground

At 9:00am, everyone walked up to the Rec Hall for the pancakes, scrapple, eggs, juice and coffee. Desserts from the night before were put out for all to eat. After everyone was fed, we all went to the big tent to finish the raffle and door prizes.
Well, we are all packed and ready to hit the road. We had a great 4 days here. Everyone was so nice. The weekend camper rally was very well organized and we are sure we'll be back again for another one.
Bum'sRest Poor-man's Motor Home
Till the next adventure,
Signing off.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday, let's enjoy the sunshine...

Wayne was up and out this morning. At 9:30am he went to a seminar all about Happijac's. That's what we have on our camper legs that raise it up and down so we can put it on the truck or off.  Seems others had the same questions and similar problems with them. There were other seminars throughout the weekend, but nothing else that we were interested in.
Sailor's  time with his ball
Let's Play, Dad!!!!

We had some time to walk around the grounds. This place is huge. We walked down to the Pocomoke Sound where there is a a beach and waterfront sites. The sun is gone and the clouds and wind is rolling in.
Swap Meet at 1:00pm in the tent. Bring your unwanted camping items to sell. Think of it like a yard sale at the campground. Next time we'll have to look around for stuff that we haven't used and try to sell it.
We walked around and looked at a lot of different camper rigs throughout the campground. Met people and a lot of doggies, too.  Also, took another look at the new campers in the field and just dreamed a little bit.
Around 7:00pm, everyone went up for the Pot Luck Appetizer/Dessert Gathering. This took place in the Rec Hall next to the big tent. Storms were coming, rain, thunder/lighting/high winds. By 8:00pm they decided to go ahead to move to the big tent for the raffle, music and fun. But, the weather was getting worst. So, they have to cancel the raffles till tomorrow morning.  We all ran back to are sites for the night. Rain, Rain go away. And Tornado warning!!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sun is out, let's walk around Tall Pines Campground's...

We walked around the campground, as much as I could with my bum foot.

 Wayne had gone up earlier for registration and pick up T-shirts and sweatshirts, goodie bags and rally info. In the field Lance dealers and Palomino dealer brought in new pickup campers for all to look and walk through. Holy Cow??? How much did you say they cost?!?!?!?!?!?    No thanks, we'll keep ours for now.
From Thursday to Sunday the Shore Beef & BBQ was set up for lunch/dinner. Wayne got a pulled pork sandwich with baked beans for $6.90. I tasted the pork, very good.
Early afternoon, under the big party tent, was the silent auction. Themed baskets from all around and other great items also. Everyone had a number and you walked around and put your number and your bid down on the paper. In the end they close the auction and collect the bids. Who bids the highest price pays and receives the item. I was interested in the steps for the back of the camper when it's on the truck. But, Wayne said they wouldn't work, so I stopped my bidding and just watched.

From 4:00pm - 7:00pm Helicopter rides. $45.00 a person for a 15 minutes. We didn't do it,  but the couple camping next to us did. They took some pictures from the air. It was really a windy afternoon too.

You can see the rows of campers in the fields and how close we are to the Pocomoke Sound.
We are the camper with the red truck, cool huh???

This is a nice shot of the grounds. We are in the first row on the left of the picture. At the bottom left, behind the office/store, is where the helicopter was landing and taking off.

After watching the helicopter, we went up to get free Cheeseburgers in Paradise, followed by giveaways and a Hawaiian dance party in the tent. We wore are hawaiian shirts, Wayne had shorts on. Crazy. It was cold, I had my winter coat on. We didn't stay to long for the dance. Earlier in the day we had bought wood for a campfire at the site. I think I stayed outside almost 1 hour. I was cold. The wind was really blowing hard.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14, 2011 On The Road Again..

We arrived in Sanford, Virginia on Thursday 4-14-11 early afternoon at Tall Pines Harbor Campground. It's very close to Chincoteaque, VA.
From our home in South Jersey it took approx. 4 1/2 hours.

This is the office/store. In no time we pulled into a site in a huge field. Parked the rig, hit the button for the slide out and put the awning out over the picnic table.

That's Bum's Rest Poor-man's Motor home on the end site. This is the first rally we have been too. We think there were 160 pick-up campers here. At the club house they had a ice cream sundae welcome for all the campers here.