Friday, February 3, 2012

Driving home today...

So, we are up early and Bill took us to a little hole in the wall for breakfast, here in Georgia, which was very nice. We said our Goodbyes and so enjoyed ourselves. We will have to come again someday. We took off around 8am.

Stopped to fuel up and coffee for the ride........

Drive, Driving, Drives....Stopped at 1pm to refuel and PEE!

Drive, Driving, Drives...Stopped  at 7:30pm to refuel and PEE!

Drive, Driving, Drives and arrived home at 10:00PM. Funny, Sailor knows where he is. LOL...
Moved the car out of the driveway and just pulled the whole rig and boat up the side of the house. Wayne turned the heat on in the camper for the night. Just unload a few things to go into the house.

I hope everyone enjoyed the blog, I try to make it interesting, anyway......

So, till next trip...Bum'sRest Poor Mans Motor Home signing off :) :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Savannah Ga visiting Wayne's friend Bill

We left today at 6:15am in the dark. We made real good time getting here at Bill's house. His wife Peggy is visiting girlfriends in Punta Gorda. Funny, that's where we just left. We arrived here at 2:30pm. Bill has a German Shepperd named Zeb and 120 lbs.

Nice big dog. Sailor and him were good, but Zeb is so big we were afraid he would hurt Sailor by just playing.
Wayne and Bill

Bill and Zeb

We went to dinner at a place called Cheeders, it's like a Outback back home. It was very good. Came back to the house and Bill let me online to Skype WayneO, Lila. We are also looking at TV.  LOL
We plan to have breakfast tomorrow and leave here early. Thanks for your hospitality Bill. Sorry we missed Peggy. :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Packing up....

Today we put the camper back onto the truck. I did the laundry and came up here to the library  to post on the blog. So, if you don't here from us, means I don't have wifi :( I'll keep trying :)