Monday, November 30, 2009

Goodbye, Stuart!!!

We left Mariner's Marina approx 9:30am this morning. When we passed Bill and Connie's dock, they took more pictures of both of our boats. We waved goodbye. See them in a few weeks. (We had a great tme last night). Such a pretty morning. Water is like glass. Passing alot a beautiful homes on the ICW. 

We arrived at Peanut Island, Lake Worth Inlet. Mile Marker #1018.4.

We went into a cove, tied up on a new floating docks in Peanut Island.. They have new bathrooms right there also. The Island is a former coast guard station and now a JFK Bomb Shelter Maritme Museuam. We walked Sailor around the whole Island. You can camp overnight and plenty of swimming beaches. It's very pretty.

As we were walking along, we found the Bounty. How cool is that!! I just want to know, where is Captin Jack Sparrow??? You can take a tour of it. The Bounty has been in Parite's of the Carrbbean II, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Mutiny on the Bounty. That's neat.
We jumped back in our boat and took a mooring ball in front of Peanut Island for the night. We have to stay here because, It's a good place take Sailor ashore. Chuck & Kathy are further down the ICW. W'll catch up with them in the morning.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Buzy day in Stuart

Alan & Patti picked up Chuck, Kathy and me this morning at 10am. We did alot of errands that had to be done and grocery shopping. Alan took us to see their favorite beach.  They also took us to see John's new home, so pretty. As I was with them, Wayne and Sailor dinghied over to see Bill & Connie. Sailor got to run around in a fenced in yard with Nikia & Vinny.

Later on Chuck & Kathy took Alan,Patti and John out to dinner. While we went out wth Bill & Connie. We had a new waitress and she had got everything wrong from the drinks to our dinners. In the end it was all taken care of by the manager. With all of that, we still had a great time anyway.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Leaving Vero Beach to Mariner's Marina, Stuart

We left Vero Beach approx 9am this morning. We had a nice sunny day to travel. We arrived approx 2:30pm at Mariner's Marina in Manatee Pocket, Stuart.  Mile Marker # 987.8.  Our friends, Bill & Connie, on Windrush, were taking pictures of us as we past their dock. They have their boat in a working boatyard at this time.  As we were settling in, they surprized us at our dock.  It is always great to see our friends again. Also, Sailor's buddies, Vinny & Nikia.

At 5pm. we all went to friends of  Kathy and Chuck's. Alan & Patti, also John. Wayne, also knows them. They are retired electricians. We had a wonderful dinner. Sailor and Jazzy had fun running around in the big house.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Moored up with Sheet Music in Vero Beach

Reunited again with Sheet Music in Vero Beach Mooring field.  I think they arrived around 2:30. Good to see are friends back with us.  Today has been a chilly day. Back in jeans and a sweatshirt. Wayne has done a few improvments on the boat. The guys took a dinghy ride to get ice and pay up. We leave in the morning.
I cooked tonight.. Salmon, peas, mac&cheese, salad, brownies w/cream.
Jazzy jumped on our boat and made herself comfortable.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Woke up this morning with the phone ringing . It was Wayne"O", our son, singing Happy Thanksgiving. With Lila, Camryn, and Christopher. Lori had stayed over night with her two. Dad Wayne has already been up, showered and taken Sailor for a walk. Kathy, also called and told us that they are staying in Melbourne till tomorrow. She is doing well, just tired, has to keep her hand up and iced today.

This is where the laundry washer & dryer's are. Bathrooms are on both ends of building.  We took Sailor for a long walk to a park to play ball. Wayne took me back to the boat to start the turkey breast in the oven. Then he dinghed me back in so I could take a shower, wash my hair, while he dinghed back. I called him to pick me up. When we returned you could smell the turkey, Boy, was it yummy. Isn't this a cool picture. I took it when we were at the park today. It was pretty warm out today. Can't wait to see Chuck & Kathy tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moored in Vero Beach

Bum's Rest left Melbourne Harbor Marina approx 8am this morning. Chuck & Kathy on Sheet Music will catch up with us tomorrow here in Vero Beach. As you can see from the pix, that dark cloud poured on us for about ten minutes. The rest of the day was overcast, with a few sprinkles. We motored for 37 miles today. The ICW had lots of little islands along the way. It was very different to see.

At one time this used to be a fruit dock. Three years ago, when we stopped here, the couple who own this place were in their ninties. They gave each boat 1 grapefruit. Only had to pay for electric. Don't know if they are still around. But, maybe we'll stop on our return trip home.                                                                                                                                                                                       

We arrived at Vero Beach Municipal Marina and mooring field approx 1:30pm. Mile Marked # 951.4 We went to the fuel dock to fuel up. Of course, I jumped off with Sailor to do his business. From there we motored down the harbor till we found the mooring ball #50. We slowly came up to the cat boat and tired up. Some of the balls have 4 boats tied together. Chuck and Kathy will be able to tie up with us tomorrow.

Sailor had a lot of excitment today with Flipper. They were coming right up to the side of the sailboat and swam along with us. Sailor was going crazy. It happen about 4 times. Crazy Flipper!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Melbourne Harbor Marina, Melbourne FL.

Getting ready to leave Titusville Municipal Marina this morning.
             We left Titusville Marina aprox. 9am. this morning. As we were leaving, Wayne saw a manatee. I kept looking back to see. The manatee only stuck up his big nose out of the water. That was all that I had seen. Woopi- Do!
This is one of the many bridges we went threw today. Titusville is building a new bridge next to the swing bridge. That's Sheet Music behind us. We did see dolphins today. One decided to come right up to the side of the boat. Sailor had a good looky see and started barking at it.   It started out being a hot morning and early afternoon. Then you could see a front coming in from the ocean. The guys decided to go into a marina instead a anchorage. Weather is calling for high winds and chances of T-storms. So, we arrived in Melbourne Harbor Marine approx. 3pm. today.  Mile Marker # 918.7. Nice area with condo's all around and a park that you can take your dog. When I jumped ship, I took up the sheets and towels to wash. Nobody was around, so it was a good time to do it. After I had that chore finished, we decided to eat dinner at the Dockside Restaurant here. We took a walk around afterwards. The wind has picked up and you can see lighting in the distance.                                                         Chuck ,Malcolm, & Bumm's

Monday, November 23, 2009

Settled in Titusville, FL

Sailor's favorite spot   

We left Seven Seas Marina this morning at 8:45am. By this time the flog had lifted some. It was just one of those days that looked like rain, but never did.  By early afternoon the sun was peeking out. It was a long selve kind of day.      
           You can see Sheet Music behind us threw the window. We are going thru the Haulover canal. Mile Maker 870.

This is after we came thru the Haulover canal.

This is taken early afternoon. The bird is a pelican.  We arriverd at Titusville Municipal Marina approx 2:45pm. Mile Marker 878. As we were fueling up, Wayne, saw manatee's. He had aslo seen them earlier today. Both times I missed them. Will I ever get to see a manatee up close? We did see lots of dolphins today. The pelicans seem to be bigger as we go south.

Looking out from the dock. Looking down the dock to the office. Our sailboats are to the left.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Resting Day at Seven Seas Marina, South of Daytona

Sailor and Me

Sure was nice not waking up with a alarm going off this morning. The four of us went to breakfast here at the marina around 8:30am. The place was packed with all the locals. So, that's a good sign that it's a good place to eat.  We didn't come out hungrey, that's for sure.

The marina took Kathy and I to the Publix grocery store, about 1 mile away. We had our fold up pull carts, so we decided to walk back with all are stuff. Duh! What were we thinking.  We should've walked there and had them pick us up. The same guy drove Chuck and Wayne to the West Marine and back. That is a nice thing that they do here for the travelers.

Kathy's sister, Penny, dropped off her husband and took Kathy back with her. Good luck, Kathy, with your doctor appt. with your hand. I miss you already.                                                                             

                                                                                                                                                                          Malcolm and Chuck

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Leaving St, Augustine for Daytona

We are on a 70' dock., that's Sheet Music behind us. Our two boats are the size of the one next to us.
         Look how long the walk is to the bathhouse.
The dockmaster helped with the lines and we left the St. Augustine Municipal Marina approx.7am. this morning. In the picture you see Sheet Music with the beautiful town behind it.

Dolphin watch....just a few today.  Arrived at Seven Seas Marina, near Daytona around 3:15pm.  Mile Marker # 835. We have traveled 58 miles. The tide was with us. This is a working marina, not much of a place. They do have a little family restaurant here, only open from 7am to 2pm. We may do breakfast tomorrow. We are staying here two nights. The guys have to change the oil. Plus, Kathy is jumping ship and going to her mother's. Kathy has a doctor appt. with a hand surgeon on Tuesday. Her brother in law, Malcolm, is coming to travel with Chuck till Tuesday. Then, on Tuesday, her nephew, Hayden, is switching places with Malcolm, to sail with his Uncle Chuck till Kathy gets back. Hope it works out for Kathy, with her hand, and she gets to spend Thanksgiving with her mother and sister's family that live here in Florida.

Kathy is cooking tonight. Stuffed flounder with crabmeat, squash, baked potatoes, salad and jello w/cream.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Anchors away to St. Ausustine, FL

We left our anchorage in Ft, George River 7am. Sailor has already been on a dinghy ride to shore and back. Motoring out of anchorage with the sunrise Sheet Music is in the sunrise pic. We have a long day approx 43 miles. Flipper came right up the the bow of the boat this morning, I quess to say "Good Morning to us".

Early on we passed the NOAA  weather ship Pisces coming north in the ICW from the ocean. This is something new that we have seen on our trip.                                                                 
This is interesting in the middle of the ICW. It is a dredging rigg with Sheet Music motoring around it.
We arrived in St, Augustine approx 2:30pm. Mile Marker # 777. 9. We fueled up, pumped out the head. Put the 2 boats in a slip. All four of us walked with the dogs. Kathy and I found lots of shops, some I never have found before when I was here last. The guys went to check out the fort.  At 6:30pm. we went back to the Columbia Restaurant for dinner. As you can see we our having a great time. Wayne was showing the waitress hand tricks with a spoon handle. She was doing a hand trick with corks. Anyway, had to be there.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"FLORDIA" After being fogged in Jekyll Island, GA

The Dockmaster helped push us out of Jekyll Island Marina approx 9:35am.  We have been waiting for the fog to clear some since 7am. It was a overcast day, but no rain.  Sweatshirt weather.  Dolplin watch: Lots of them today.

It's been a long day. This part of Florida has a lot of factories and do they smell. We arrived at Ft. George River anchorage approx 4:30pm.  Mile Marker #735. Wayne rowed the dinghy over to the shore for Sailor.

Chuck and Kathy dinghed over for dinner.  I cooked tonight. Panko chicken, red skin potatoes w/rosemary, salad and fruit with cream. Then as usual, Kathy was helping me with my computer and giving me pictures of us from her camera. Kathy took a picture of us anchored here at Ft. George River.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


First thing Wayne took Sailor over to the ferry dock for a walkie this morning. Then, I helped him take the motor off the dinghy and back on the sailboat. Around 8:15am he pulled anchor and we started on our way to Jekyll Island. As we were motoring, he put the Ginny on so I could make coffee in the coffee pots. (his & hers).

Dolphin watch... yes we saw quite a few today. Started out to be a overcast morning, then the sun came out more. We arrived at Jekyll Island Marina approx 1pm. Mile Marker # 685. We fueled up and made our way to the dockage. I ran up to shower and do hair. Kathy groomed Jazzy. When we were all ready we took a late walk to see the old homes, but it got dark early. Came back and put the dogs in the boats and went up to the restaurant here at the marina. It was trivia night, all locals. We sat at the bar and had dinner and listened to their game. We had a good dinner anyway, and came back for coffee at Chuck & Kathy's boat.

Also talked to Jim & Joy, they will be here tomorrow. But we will miss them. We are leaving at 7am. :(

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Anchorage in Duplin River, GA

Threw are lines and pushed away from Kilkenny Creek Marina this morning around 8:10am. this morning. Sunny with a light low fog. It was just long sleeve weather today. No sighting of dolphins either today.

Anchored in Duplin River, GA . Mile Marker # 649.3. Didn't take to long to anchor. Wayne and I put the little engine on the dinghy. He took sailor over for a walk at the ferry dock close buy. Chuck and Kathy are anchored not to far from us.

Kathy is cooking tonight. Veal Parmesan.