Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Leaving Marsh Harbour to Man-O-War

We were up early this morning getting ready to leave. Dirk on Tybee Time, came over to show me how to do something with my computer. Dirk & Nancy on Tybee Time are on a 40 O'Day and they were in Marathon next to us on a mooring. They are full time cruisers and I will be following their blog.

Sheet Music pulled anchor and took off for Hope Town and said they'll call us later. No sounds from them today. Guess they will catch up in a few days. We left Marsh Harbour around 9am. and we arrived in Man-O-War about noon. This is one of my favorite towns. I really don't know why, just peaceful here. People are so nice.

We are on a mooring ball in this little harbour and about a stone throw to the marina. Wayne didn't put the motor on the dinghy. He's rowing instead. Here are some pictures from our walk.

school house

ship bring in supplies

I cooked sloppy joe's for dinner with chips and macaroni salad. Wayne took Sailor over for his last walkie and brought back chocolate rocky road ice cream back form the corner store. I SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!!! Thanks Honey!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shopping day in Marsh Harbour

This morning I made my grocery list. We dinghied over to shore and we walked I say 5 blocks to the grocery store. This Price Right store is one the nicest since USA. Wayne waited outside with Sailor.
We packed up my hand cart and walked to the dinghy to the boat. Before I put the new food in the refrigerator, it needed to be cleaned out. I took everything out and Wayne cleaned the bottom. Then I rearranged the freezer and repacked the meats and put them away. Now we are set for a while.

Around 1:30 we dinghied over to Mango's Marina. We had conch fritters and Mahi Mahi lunch special that we split. We walked around the town and ended up at Snappas Bar and Grill. Wayne wanted to see if Leigh was still here and if she remembered Sailor. When Wayne showed her Sailor, she said  "Bum's Rest". She remembered from 3 years ago. Now she has a red female dashshund, and she had lots of pictures to show us. Funny.

We stayed a while at Snappa's. A bunch of cruisers came in and we all got talking where we have been and where everyone is planning to go. That was nice to see the people you here on the radio and anchored around us.

Kathy cooked tonight, Steak, salad, potatoes, peas and strawberries. Yummy

Monday, March 29, 2010

March Harbour, Abaco

3-29-2010  We had a windy night at the dock here in Hope Town. Even when we woke up it was windy. First, Wayne and some guys helped Chuck out. Then we had help getting out boat out. It was a cloudy day looking like rain. We were only going 8 miles to Marsh Harbour. It started out to be pretty rollie, but then it calmed down.

After we were anchored in Marsh Harbour the dinghy was put back in and Sailor over for a walkie. By late afternoon it started to rain. Kathy is flying back from Orlando to Nassau to Marsh Harbour today.
Chuck will be picking her up at the dingy dock when the taxi drops her off.

I cooked tonight. Baked ham, baked beans, corn and mac & cheese.
leaving Hope Town

Kathy coming back in the pouring rain.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hope Town

Today when I got up I stripped the bed and took  everything to wash. Nice having the laundry right at the dock. (no crowds). When I came back I tried to Skype Michelle for our Sunday coffee talk. But, for some reason, mostly my signal, it didn't work well at all. We both got frustrated and just message each other. All day I didn't really have Internet. WayneO called us on Skype, we were dumped at few times, finally it worked, so we got to see April and Lila too.

After the bed sheets and comforter were dry, bed remade, we jumped in the dinghy. We took off for the other end of the harbour. Then we parked at the dinghy dock and walked the town. Everything, mostly was closed.

Wayne thought this was interesting. He just read the book, Mutiny of the Bounty. We were walking by, and I said, Look at this tree.

school house

We found this interesting flower in someones yard, have no idea what it is.

Wayne and I had a late lunch over looking the harbour. Sailor was allowed too. He was such a good boy today.  So, I didn't have to cook tonight. Nice.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hope Town, Abaco

3-27-2010  Today we left Little Harbour approx 9am and arrived in Hope Town around Noon. We are in Lighthouse Marina for 2 nights. Feels good to step out onto a dock for a change. Wayne and I walked up to the Lighthouse and he took pictures from the top.

You can see our sailboats at the dock

We jumped into the dinghy and rode around the harbour. Checking out the boats in the mooring field. We see boats that we have traveled with. When we came back to the boat I put a load of wash in here at the marina.  I'm only doing one load, because, they close at 8pm.

I cooked breaded turkey slices, mac and cheese and green beans.

After dinner Chuck took us in his dinghy over to find where they were playing music. First place we went was a wedding. Wedding crashers, we were told to leave. LOL. We found the right place when the band started up again from their break. We listened about a hour. At the boat the sound of the music was clear as a bell and stopped at midnight.

Rainy day in Little Harbour

3-26-2010 When we woke up this morning it was raining. When Wayne took Sailor for a walk he needed a bath we he got back. He got a shower on the back of the boat. I bought internet for a week here in the Abaco’s. So, today was a good day to sit and catch up on the blog and upload pictures. I paid bills and straighten out MasterCard with Skype. I made phone calls to the states.

Wayne printed out pictures of the grandkids so I could put it on the picture board here in the boat. He also made phone calls.

I cooked tonight. Baked chicken, baked potatoes and carrots.
No pictures today.

Little Harbour ,Abaco

3-25-2010 We slept in to 7:30am this morning. Soon Wayne had the Ginny on to make coffee. Early afternoon we dinghied over to the beach and had lunch at Pete’s Bar. We waited about 45 minutes. There was a school here with a bunch of kids. We took a short walk around while waiting.

Little Harbour anchorage

Pete's Pub

Does this look familiar to anyone? We are told the Captain of the boat is Capt’n Vinny.

After we had our lunch, we were told to go see the light house, up the road a pace. OK

The lighthouse has seen better days

Wayne walked down this small path to the rocks in front of the light house.

We walked back to the dingy and over to the other side of the harbor where Chuck was exploring the caves. Sailor and me stayed in the dinghy.

I cooked tonight. Pan fried Mahi Mahi, rice and peas, salad. Chuck brought over some cookies with are coffee.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Abaco's here we come,,,,

3-24-2010 Wayne pulled the anchor at 6:45am. We are leaving Royal Island this morning and heading for Little Harbor in the Abaco’s. A approx 50 mile motor sail today.


Sheet Musicin the sunrise....Pretty

After we were underway, I made Wayne oatmeal for him. Soon as Wayne put out the fishing line he had a hit. We slowed down, but didn’t stop. It was a barracuda.

That's Sheet Music sailing along

These are the boats ahead of us. I think there were 7 sailboats that left Royal Harbor this morning.

In the distance we could see a oil tanker. A little while later the tanker hailed us on 16 and said he would turn to go behind our stern, instead of us slowing down.

We arrived at Little Harbor approx 4pm. We both hooked on mooring balls. They are $15 a night. This harbor has changed a lot in 3 years. New homes build on the cliffs and more mooring balls.

I cooked tonight. Chuck brought over ham, potatoes, produce. I baked the ham with brown sugar, pineapple, cherries. scalloped potatoes (Kathy had made), salad and peas.

Today Royal Island

3-23-2010 We let go of the mooring ball approx 9am this morning. Kathy jumped ship to fly out to Florida to her nieces wedding on this Friday. So, Chuck and Jazzy are on their own. He was right behind us.

Sheet Music coming through the cut

It was a little ruff this morning, but then it calmed down after a while. We went through Current Cut at half tide with 4 knots of current. A natural cut through a Island. We are headed to Royal Island for a anchorage tonight.

Looking at Current Cut

Royal Island is a great anchorage and large. Quite a lot of sailboats in here and one mega yacht. Only not so good for landing a dog for a walkie. But, Wayne did find a spot for Sailor;

I cooked tonight spaghetti with sausage, salad and garlic toast. Chuck and Jazzy came over for dinner.