Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back Home in NJ...

We were up at 5:30AM and pulled the rig around to the front of Cracker Barrel. They open at 6AM for breakfast. It felt good inside the restaurant. They had the fireplace going. NICE. We got on the road by 7AM.  As we were driving north we started to see this stuff....
We don't like this...
We pulled into our Court at 1:45PM today. This is what we came home too!

Wayne shovelling 4inches of show off the driveway to put the rig.

Poor-mans Motor Home parked in the court next to plowed snow in the center. While, Wayne is shoveling snow out of the driveway.

We hope everyone enjoyed our blogging and pictures of our trip. As always, we never want to come back. But, that's just wishful thinking. I have to go back to work and Wayne will do his cheesecake job. LOL. Plus, our kids and parents would not be happy. We are so grateful that we had a safe trip. Also, that Mom Bumm is doing good with her new hip replacement and rehab. WayneO (son) is going back to his knee surgeon soon, possible know replacement.

Bum's Rest Poor-man's Moter Home is signing off now till the next trip, :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Leaving Stuart, Florida

We had our alarm set for 4:00AM and was on the road by 4:30AM from Stuart. We stopped for fuel at 11AM and I took over the wheel for 3 hours. We stopped at 6:30PM somewhere in North Carolina at a Cracker Barral Restaurant for dinner. Wayne decided we would stay for the night. Your allowed to park in the back parking lot for the night at any Cracker Barral's.
The back parking lot for RV's.

During the night another RV's came in for the night. It was quiet night. I brought out the feather down blanket and that kept us warm all night.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting camper winterized today...

Winterizing....Not what we want to do.....

I'm blogging.

The lived in look.....

We drove to Publix, Wayne needed to get ice cream. He likes this Publix chocolate trinity. I bought a Italian hoagie for lunch. We topped off the truck with fuel and headed back to the campsite. So, everything is done, camper is back on, winterized and ready to go. We start out tomorrow morning early for NJ. No posting unless I get WiFi somewhere. I just hope we don't run into snow.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Driving around Stuart, Jenson Beach....

Port St. Lucie RV Resort

Early afternoon Ralph and Bett came here at the campground and we followed them to the restaurant and parked our truck. They took us to see the mansions on Hutchinson Island. Drove all the way to the end and walked to the beach lookout. It was so windy and cold. Beautiful though.

When we came back across the bridge, Ralph went under the bridge to the lookout. There was a pod of dolphins. I jumped out and run down to watch them.  Sailor was barking when he saw them. It was blowing so hard and so ruff out there. Just glad I wasn't on the water today. I remember days like this on the sailboat. We have been through here with the sailboat on our trips.  From there we went back to the Dolphin Bar Shrimp House where we had left our truck. Put Sailor in the truck and had cocktails and later dinner. This is a beautiful restaurant and at one time a movie/singer (1940's) named Frances Langford owned it. (Google her name and all kinds of stuff comes up, pretty neat). She entertained armed forces in the Pacific theater during WWII and opened at that time The Outrigger in 1960's. New owners opened in 1990's as the Dolphin Bar Shrimp House.

Ralph and Bett

Our table for dinner was right next to the fire place. Our we in Florida?????  Almost looks like we should be in the Pocono's.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Met with friends...

Boy, was it cold here this morning, BRRRRRRR!!!! We do have a electric heater. Why didn't we use it...DUH!!!! We used it when we got up and made coffee. We did go over and use the showers and I washed my hair.

Wayne found a Petco and took Sailor in to get his nails cut. $10. bucks not bad deal. SHHHHHH...also picked up poop bags for Sailor.

Around 1pm we met up with friends Bill and Connie on Windrush. We had lunch at the Pirate's Cove up in the Pirate's Loft. They had brought their dog Vinny and of course we had Sailor. They allowed dogs in on the deck, which was all enclosed. Lunch was good and that was our dinner for today. Afterwards, we went to a boat yard where they are working on another Trumpy, A friend of theirs is buying it and they are working on it for him. We took a tour of it. Wow, it's 63'long and built in 1969. Needs lots of work inside.
Bill and Connie

We are going to meet up with them again on Friday. Afterwards, we went to a couple nautical stores. I'm looking for a stain glass of shells for our bathroom window at home. No luck yet. Came back to the campground for the night. Turned on the electric heater on too.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On the road again...

We were on the road approx 8am this morning. Wayne wanted to stop for breakfast. We found a place in Key Largo. Cute little place that grinds the coffee beans.

Sailor was zonked out!!

 It took about 5 hrs to get to Port St. Lucie. We are staying at Port St. Lucies RV Resort. A upgrade from Walmart parking lot. LOL. Anyway, we took the camper off and checked out the bathrooms. At least the bathrooms are clean.

Ralph and Bett

We called Ralph and Bett and he came over and picked us up for dinner at their house. Not far approx 2miles away. We had a great pork chop dinner and wonderful Christmas cookies. We returned here about 9pm. Thank you, we had a great time as always. We do have cable here, so got to watch some TV. Around 11:20pm my phone rang. It was my school telling me no school tomorrow and park off the roads so the trucks can plow. Too funny.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Last full day here in Marathon

While I was doing laundry this morning, Wayne was walking with Sailor and taking more pictures of the campground. This is the little harbor here where you can camp right up to it and keep your boat. For a pretty price.
The boat ramp is right next to the fish cleaning station.

Right across the harbor is a bar & grill and TV lounge. There is also a tiki bar with a small beach on the ocean side.

This critter jump into this guys fishing boat along the harbor. Then jumped out and swam underwater for quite a distance.
At 2pm we met up with high school buddies of Wayne's. Linda and Jim from NJ. They come down here for 3 months each year. We met up with them a few times last Jan.2010.  We ate at Sparky's here in Key Colony.
When we returned to the campground we put the camper back on the truck. Everything is ready for us to leave tomorrow morning. We took a long walk with Sailor, said bye to people we have met. Everyone is so nice.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another beautiful day in Paridise.....

Wayne washed the camper and dumped out the gray water up at the dump out this morning. I tried to go on line, but the server slows down and bumps me off. So, I walked up to take a shower.  Later on Wayne went up to the club house to watch football. I took Sailor over to the big field to play fetch.
Later on Wayne wanted to go the the Sunset Bar and Grill down by the 7mile bridge. We had gone over there the other day to see if it was doggy friendly. Of course "THEY" said. Anyway, we went tonight around 5pm. We go in and we can't sit inside only out by the pool. Well, OK. Then I ask what is the Happy Hour drinks. Can't order them out here, you have to walk upstairs yourself to get them. Otherwise they are double the price down here. Wayne went up to get drinks. When Wayne comes back the waitress comes over with plastic cups, I'm saying, what's that for? Can't have glass down here at the pool side. Oh Boy!!!! Needless to say we only stayed for drinks and watch the sunset and left.

Sunset Bar and Grill

You can walk around to the other side of the bridge to the old bridge and parking lot if you wanted from here.

Can't believe I ate the whole thing.....OPPS...Is that Sailor under there??

Sunset around 6pm.


We decided to go back to Porky's, right down the road. They had a live band playing and it was great. I ordered baby back ribs. Wayne ordered the special chicken. 

Well, stand up and cheer...".Beer Butt Chicken Special". I was rolling on the floor!!!

Is it UP? 
Is it DOWN?

It truly had a beer butt cooked inside. How funny is that. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hang'in around the campground

Wayne relaxing having his morning coffee and reading his book.

We took a ride into town to mail a bill and then to Publix for a few things.
Look where Sailor wanted to ride. On the down blanket. Too funny

Wayne decided he wasn't taking me out to eat tonight. So, I had to cook. Made Mac & Cheese and fried up the fresh snapper, made a salad. Yummy!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

No Name Pub, nice place to go if you can find it.

Last nights sunset here at the campground.

We got to take some pictures of the sunset last night before we went to the Key Fisheries for some stone crabs. They were really good. They added onto the bar upstairs. It's not finished yet, will be open in a few weeks. That's a nice improvement. 

The neatest place in the Keys. See all the money on the ceiling and walls? This is the No Name Pub. We had lunch here today. Not doggy friendly, so Sailor stayed in the truck. We had parked in a shady spot. After we ate we took a walk down the street and back. We did see the small deer that's on this Island of Big Pine Key.
I drove back to Marathon. I pulled over so Wayne could take more pictures of Bahia Honda old bridge. Click on the pictures to see them bigger.

Wayne and Dale at Burdine's tonight.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just riding around Marathon....

Yesterday, Jan 5,2011, was just a lazy day at this Campground. We took walks with Sailor. One of the campers here gave us some of his fish he caught by the bridge. I think they are snappers.  One night I will fry them up. We ate at the restaurant here on the patio as the sun was going down.  The campers were playing "Bingo" afterwards.

The boats in background are all rentals. This is Captain Pips right behind Porky's Restaruant.

Today, Jan 6, 2011.  We checked out some rentals for 19' to 21' with 115 engines. Anywhere from $195.00 full day 8 hours,(not including fuel) to $155.00 half day 4 hours. The one that was advertised for $145 full day looked interesting until we found out that they had sold the boat. It's going to be cool tomorrow, 68, and windy. Anyway, think Wayne has decided we aren't that desperate to ride on the water. Next time we do this we will bring our 17' Coba. Sounds like a plan to me.

At Porky's, Sailor looking at the boats or most likely the pelicans.

We stopped in for lunch at Porky's. Thought we were going to eat with Dale and friends. Here we missed his call that they went to Burdines instead. Anyway, they stopped in to Porky's to say Hi. We made plans to go to Burdines tomorrow night for dinner. Joe Mama is singing.

We drove up to the 7 mile bridge for a short walk, it's really windy today and a lot cooler up on the bridge.

One side of the old bridge, bay side.

Looking over the Oceanside at new bridge and Knight's Key.

Now, the plan is to take a taxi to the Key Fisheries for stone crabs tonight. Unless Wayne has a plan B.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Knights Key RV Resort and Marina Campground

This is Pigeon  Key on the old 7mile bridge

Straight ahead is Knights Key

We made it to Marathon by noon. Found a site and took the camper off. We are staying here for a week. Met up with Dale and friends for a few minutes at the gate. Wayne's friend from Ohio. They just arrived in Fiesta Key today. Going to meet up with them on Thursday.

Looking across from our site the ocean. Plenty of times we sailed past here.

Had to stop by Burdines for dinner tonight. One of our favorite places in the Keys

Looking for Flipper, a no show tonight at Burdines
We drove down to the Boot Key Harbor Marina to see if we saw anyone we know. We spotted Charmaine and Bill at the dinghy dock. Will try to meet up with them also. Drove over to the Key Fisheries to see if they still had stone crabs for $1. Yes, now $l.25, 1pm till closing up in the bar. Making a point to stop there for sure.