Friday, December 31, 2010

6th Annual Key West Dachshund Walk

At 12 noon we walked Sailor down to the Dachshund Walk. They say there were 195 dogs. Here are some pictures.
Wayne in the Hawaiian shirt with Sailor.

Red airplane and pilots.

The littlest one of 3 1/2 months , she didn't know what was going on.

2 little sisters and I assume their dads.....

Bride and Groom
My 2 Guys... Sailor and his daddy.
All in all it was a great afternoon for the walk. Sailor was such a good boy with everyone reaching out to pet him. It wasn't real hot either, around 75, which is perfect. Afterwards, we walked down Duval St. and found this little cafe' called the Jungle Garden and doggie friendly. We had a great lunch. Then we walked down to Mallory Square to see if there were any acts. No, they start at 4pm. So we walked to Tony's for an Amber that they make.

Tony's Bar
Sailor sitting at Tony's
Well, now it's time to walk back to the truck. Time is up for the parking. Going back to the campground for now. We are heading back to Duval St. tonight with another couple to celeabrate New Year's. 

Thursday, December 30, 2010


We pretty much spent the day relaxing here at the campground. Took walks with Sailor. In the Afternoon, Wayne wanted to go swimming in the heated pool. I went up with him. I forgot the camera. "Duh". Anyway, we put Sailor in his new wire crate. It was a trail run. Well, you guessed it. He barked the whole time. We were only gone for a half hour. Good thing nobody was around and a good time to try.

For dinner we went right up the road to Hurricane Hole, here on Stock Island. A dog friendly place. We sat right on the water. They even had a doggies menu. Sailor was a good boy and had bacon from the menu. Of course, I forgot the camera again. "Double Duh".

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Touring Key West Today..

After I washed and dried my hair today, we took Sailor for a long walk around the campground. Then we decided to have lunch at Hog Fish right down the road from here. We sat on the outside with Sailor. Wayne had a hog fish sandwich on Cuban bread and I had chicken tacos. Everything was Yummy.
Hog Fish Restaurant

We are in the middle table outside.

After we ate, we walked around the other side of the restaurant where they had more outside seating's near the water. I guess when we got there, they were already taken. We jumped back into the truck and drove into Key West on the Ocean side view. Always seen this from the sailboat, but not from a vehicle. We stopped to take pictures of the beach. They also had a dog park for big dogs and one for little dogs. Sailor didn't seem to impressed with it. He had a chance to run around without the leash, but wanted to stick by our side. Go figure, right....

Just had to take another picture of Boyd's sign with the Christmas lights and water falls.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spending the afternoon on Duval St. today

We left the campground approx 12noon for Key West. It's only a few miles away. We parked at the Key West Bight Marina. As Wayne was going to pay for the parking, a couple gave us their ticket which is good till 8:30 Dec 29. Why Thank You.....
We walked down the wharf to Schooner's Wharf Bar and Grill for some lunch.

Mike McCloud playing on the stage. The place was packed.

Of course, Sailor was allowed.  He was chilly and he likes being under. Plus, the pigeons were walking and flying around. That makes him crazy.

I'm cold, need to sit in the sun. They say the high for today is 64, but it feels like 54 to me.

The rest of the afternoon we walked around the Duval St. area. Wayne was buying T-shirts. I was window shopping. (HEHE!!)  Anyway, we met some great people at Tony's. Hope to see them again at the Dachshunds walk on New Year's Eve.
When we returned to the parking lot 6:30pm, we past on are parking ticket to another couple. Remember, it was still good till tomorrow morning. Wayne watched the Eagles football game when we returned to the campground.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Balmy 58 Today

So, we slept in this morning as everyone in the real world was shoveling snow. I actully cooked bacon and eggs. Wayne had to take another picture of the camper from the front.

After we ate, I walked around the campground with Sailor.  Wayne took a walk just down to the corner to a West Marine to buy new shorts and shoes. When he came back and relaxed in the screen house.
Late afternoon we took a ride up to Geiger Key Marina to eat dinner at the Smokehouse Restaurant. They also have campsites here. The food was good and it was right on the water.

Wayne had tried to reserve a site at Geiger Key Marine and we saw where we could of been, But, I like Boyd's Key West Campground a whole lot better. He did good. :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cloudy, Windy 25 knots, high 60's and "NO SNOW"

We hear that family and friends are having "SNOW"! It seems we just made it down here in time. This afternoon we spent 4 hours walking around Duval St and surrounding area. Of course we ate lunch at Sloppy Joe's.
Wayne's mom had her hip replacement  surgery this afternoon and is doing well.  The plan is by Wednesday she can go back to the Fountains on the Rehab side. Our son Wayne is home and resting from his back spasms, but still needs a good knee doctor.
Sorry, I didn't take any pictures today. But, there is always tomorrow.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


We were up at 5am and picked up some coffee and eats and on the road before 6am. We took the Florida Turnpike over to Key Largo. Around 7:30am Wayne got to talk to his Mother for the first time. I also called Jefferson Hospital and talked to Wayne0. What a mess.
Route 1 on the 7 mile bridge in Marathron

Bahia Honda State Park. Old bridge cut so sail boaters can enter into the harbor.
We arrived at Boyds campground about 12 noon, here in Key West.   Set up the camper and then we had our Christmas. We took a small walk around the grounds. Lots of dogs here. Met people from NJ, in front and back of us.   Early night we are tired from the trip and worrying.

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's still cold here....

That alarm of ours went off at 4am. Burrrrrrrrrr!!! Turn the heater on, PLEASE.....  We were back on the road by 5am and stopped for breakfast in South Carolina at 8am.
Our shadow early morning

Keep those eyes on the road  and find that Waffle House!!

One Question, where are you taking me now????
Wayne drove till 11.30am and then I took over till 3.30am. Stopped and fueled and kept going.
Wayne's mom fell and broke her hip and was taken to the hospital. She is going to have to have surgery, but the doctors are watching her heart.  What a mess.  Then I found out that our son Wayne was also taken to the hospital for his pain from surgery of pain management, for his knee. He was transported from one hospital that did a Cat scan and x-rays to Jefferson in Pa for a MRI. He has a bulging disk and back spasm. No more pain management surgery that is put into the spine. He needs a new knee. He is home resting.

We stopped in Ft. Pierce at another Pilot truck stop for the night. The weather here is nice, no heat needed. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep worrying about mom and Wayne0.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Traveling South

We, or, I should say Wayne drove from 1pm till 9:30pm. We stopped in North Carolina, 11 miles from South Carolina boarder. We were stuck in 2 hours of slow bumper to bumper traffic in the Washington D.C. area. Pulled into a Pilot truck stop, fueled up and parked for the night. Wayne warmed up the camper and took Sailor for a walkie. We hadn't stopped to eat dinner, so we ate cold chicken. Bedtime, turned the propane heater off, throw the down comforter on the bed. We were warm all night.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Camping in Bum's Rest Poor-mans Motor home

Here we go, heading for Key West, Florida for Christmas and New Year's. These pictures our from August when we bought our new toy. This is our first trip using it. Wayne is done working and I took a leave of absence for a few weeks. We have celebrated Christmas with all the kids and family this past week.
We should be in Key West on Christmas day. I will post when I can get wifi. I don't have broadband Verizon anymore. So, I hope I can post pictures and blog as we travel around the Keys and through Florida.
       MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL                                         

Saturday, May 15, 2010

HOME SWEET HOME...................

Before sunrise in Cape May

Well, this is it, last time to get up at 4:45am for a 6am start. We are going home to our home port in New Gretna, NJ at Viking Yachting Center. At lot of our boater families will be there to greet us and some of our family also. It’s bitter sweet coming home. We hate to stop cruising, but miss our families. Back to the real world now and adjusting to the busy life.

What a beautiful morning motor sailing in the Atlantic Ocean. Wayne spotted Flippers, but, Sailor and I missed them. He also just saw a huge fish jump out of the water. So, now he putting the fishing line out. Now you see it’s only 7:30am and you know how Sailor gets with the whole fishing scene. Hold my ears, makes my head hurt.

By 11:40 we came into the Absecon Inlet (a.k.a. Atlantic City.) Now it’s approx. 3 hours in the ICW and the Great Bay to Mullica River to the Bass River. Sheet Music was right behind us. Chuck's son Joey came by in his speed boat. Also, Bob came up close waving with his doggie.

Bob and Buddy

 Our son called to see where we were. I called them when we entered the Bass River. We arrived at the dock at 3pm. With all our boat friends and family cheering us in. HOME SWEET HOME.


See we have a mustache to prove we did it!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who followed us on our journey and wished us a safe return. We hope you enjoyed the trip with us. Bum'sRest signing off for now.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Leaving Chesapeake City,Del to Cape May, NJ

10.03 knots going down the C and D Canal.....
We left Chesapeake City , Delaware at 6am. The sky doesn’t look promising, but, we’ll keep going till we see what the Delaware river is doing. Once we get out of the C and D Canal. We motored sailed with little chop of waves, which is good. We’ll keep going. As we were getting closer to Cape May the water was flat. Hazy fog all the way across. At the mouth of the canal we waited for the Cape May Ferry to back out and leave. It was at a dead low tide when we got into the canal and to Utsch’s Marina at 3pm.

Salem Nuc Power Plant

This ship pasted us full of cars.

Oh! Look who's napp'in!!

Cape May Ferry

Of course, they are dredging in the canal.

Mommom and Poppop Petzak

Sailor soak'in up sun rays.

My mom and dad were at the Ferry dock waving Hello to us and met us the marina. We walked over to the Lobster House and brought some take out back to the boat. Real Happy to see my parents. Sailor was happy, too.